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Telehealth Counseling

We offer telehealth counseling through confidential and Zoom platforms.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment please call 662-338-1880


Telehealth Counseling FAQs

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth (aka: teletherapy, tele-mental health, distance therapy, e-counseling, etc.) is used sometimes as a platform to provide electronic mental health counseling services for clients. It is utilized for a variety of reasons, but the most common use is when either the client or therapist is ill and unable to meet in person for their session.


How does telehealth work?

Our therapists use specialized software(s) designed for just this purpose. Your visit will take place via webcam, tablet, or phone.


Is it secure?

YES. If you choose to utilize one of our secure options (our website or Zoom). This is the primary reason our therapists utilizing secure software(s) for remote visits. They are private and confidential according to the regulations set out by the HIPAA law. However, should you choose, there are other platforms options (Facetime, Skype, Google Voice, and phone) available that can be used at your own risk but are NOT secure, and we can not guarantee your privacy.


Do I have to use this service?

NO. In-person counseling is preferred when feasible, and you are in no way required or obligated to use telehealth services. However, if you would like to see your counselor remotely for your convenience, we will provide you with options to do so.


How much will it cost?

A telehealth session visit will be considered exactly the same as a regular in-person visit. That means you will be responsible for whatever copay, coinsurance, or self-pay fee you usually pay.


Will my insurance cover it?

Based on recent updates to federal/state legislation, this should now be covered as the equivalent of a regular visit. However, we do recommend that you call your insurance company and check whether your plan reimburses for telehealth visits as regular visits. Our office administrator can help you with this if you have further concerns or questions. *Reminder only Licensed Professional Counselors who are in-network with your insurance provider can bill for insurance.


How often can I use telehealth instead of in-person sessions?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, so please discuss it with your therapist. Given the recent world health crisis, these services are highly encouraged if you are feeling sick or if your therapist is ill. Telehealth sessions will take place on the same day and at the same time as your typical in-person session (unless unexpected circumstances occur and then our office will be in contact immediately).


Do I need to be in a specific state?

According to licensure regulations, therapists are only permitted to practice in the state in which they are licensed. For telehealth sessions, this pertains to where the patient and counselor are located at the time of the session (i.e., home, school, etc.). Our therapists are only allowed to provide services to those clients in the state of Mississippi at the time of their session.


How do I utilize telehealth sessions?

You will request or agree to a telehealth services, and we will contact you for more information as to which platform you and the therapist will use ( and Zoom). You may be required to download an app, software, or create an account to get started, but our office will contact you with specific details/links on the before the session beings. You will also need to sign a telehealth agreement form to receive these services.

*You can find this form on our Paperwork page or request we email or fax it to you by calling 662-338-1880


What You Will Need for a Telehealth Session:

  • Private space with minimal background noise
  • A good internet connection
  • A computer, phone, or tablet
  • Headphones (this helps with privacy and also audio quality)
  • Good lighting (a lot of therapy is non-verbal, so the more clear the image, the better)
  • Downloading the app that you agree to use for the telehealth session (Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc.)
  • Review and sign the telehealth agreement form
  • Patience… the internet lags or glitches, and that’s a normal part of using these platforms for therapy. If you get disconnected, all will be okay, and we will try and reconnect with you via the same platform (if available) or by the agreed-upon back up connection.